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OpenClinical White Paper

The medical knowledge crisis and a potential solution through knowledge management technologies and applications

  1. It is now humanly impossible for unaided healthcare professionals to possess all the knowledge needed to deliver medical care with the efficacy and safety made possible by current scientific knowledge.

  2. This can only get worse in the post-genomic era.

  3. A potential solution to the knowledge crisis is the adoption of rigorous methods and technologies for knowledge management.

  4. Awareness and understanding of these methods is not widespread and many of the technologies that currently exist are not designed to be compatible or interoperable with others.

  5. OpenClinical is an association of individuals, organisations and commercial companies who believe in the importance of improving knowledge management in medicine and who believe this can be best achieved through cooperation and consensus.

  6. It has been set up to provide a range of services to members and partners, through one or more open-access web-sites. Among the services to be supported are

    • A single portal for information about developments in the field of medical knowledge management

    • Access to demonstrations of knowledge management technologies and their applications

    • Papers and other information on standards, including current needs, issues and proposals, for open discussion.

    • Open source knowledge content, including knowledge bases and reusable components

    • Directories of projects, technologies and services.

  7. OpenClinical has a particular concern with the primacy of quality, safety and ethics in the development and use of clinical knowledge systems.

  8. It is against the development of proprietary standards that could in any way restrict access to medical knowledge.

  9. OpenClinical is a not-for-profit organisation, funded primarily through grants, sponsorship and the goodwill of its registered members.

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OpenClinical White Paper

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