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AxSys HealthTech Guideline-based disease management, decision support, electronic patient record, telemedicine Hyderabad, India. Formed in 2000.

Part of the the AxSys Group which includes AxSys Technology Ltd., based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Eutech Cybernetics Flagship product: Copernicus HIS, workflow support for different specialties. Singapore; Chennai, India; Colombo, Sri Lanka. Active in healthcare since 1996.
Indegene Information tools (drugs, interactions, laboratory tests ...) for integration with clinical information systems. Ind Rx: electronic drug reference database for India. Patient information tools. Delhi, India
Logic Medical Systems PAIRS: Diagnostic decision support system

Hyderabad, India. Established 1995.
Medijaring Healthcare management system for clinics and hospitals; healthcare e-community. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded 2001.
R2 Technology, Inc. (Asia) Computer Aided Detection (CAD) systems for breast imaging based on signal processing neural network technology (ImageChecker®).

TeleVital Telemedicine; Electronic Medical Record. Bangalore, India (San Jose, USA).


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