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In the Research Zone, OpenClinical offers researchers and developers visibility of research results; the opportunity to communicate better understanding of their methods and technologies, and promote contacts with fellow researchers, clinicians and industry suppliers.

  Guideline modelling

Methods and tools for developing computerised clinical guidelines - a main focus of OpenClinical.

  Quality, safety and ethics
Quality, safety and ethics in the use of decision support systems in healthcare.

Past and current national and international projects in the field of clinical knowledge management applications and technologies.


  • Clinical applications projects
  • Technologies, methods and tools
  • Communities, SIGs, portals, networks etc.
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    Downloadable tools generally freely available for use by clinicians and medical informatics researchers.
      Open Source Downloads
    Open Source downloadable tools, services, methods etc. available for use by clinicians and medical informatics researchers.

    Topics we plan to cover include ...

    spacerspacer Opportunities for decision support, clinical workflow and other knowledge management technologies in patient care and clinical research
    spacerspacer Integation of Electronic Medical Records with decision support, workflow and other knowledge based systems
    spacerspacer Standardised terminologies and languages to ensure consistent meaning across clinical applications.
    spacerspacer Methods and tools for creating, publishing and maintaining high quality content for medical knowledge bases
    spacerspacer New ways of working which foster the effective dissemination and productive use of knowledge and the underlying evidence
    spacerspacer Effective communication between members of care teams and between professionals and the patient
    spacerspacer Ways of ensuring and regulating the safe and ethical use of the new technologies where this is needed
    spacerspacer Keeping the patient at the centre of care, using technology to empower patients and their carers without raising technological barriers to normal human relationships
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