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Patient Safety
Listing of public reports on patient safety, medical errors, medication errors, adverse event reporting etc. commissioned by government bodies, national health organisations etc.

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EU  2007  eHealth for Safety: Impact of ICT on Patient Safety and Risk Management
USA  2006 Preventing Medication Errors - 4th report in the US Institute of Medicine's Quality Chasm Series.
Denmark  2005   Patient Safety in Denmark - Past, current and future activities. Published by the Danish Society for Patient Safety, Copenhagen Hospital Corporation, the Danish Regions, the National Board of Health, the Ministry of the Interior and Health
UK  2005   UK National Audit Office. A Safer Place for Patients: Learning to improve patient safety
Australia  2005   Achieving Safety and Quality Improvements in Health Care – Sixth Report to the Australian Health Ministers’ Conference. Australian Council for Safety and Quality in Health Care
Australia  2005   The Report of the Review of Future Governance Arrangements for Safety and Quality in Health Care
Canada  2004   The Canadian Adverse Events Study: the incidence of adverse events among hospital patients in Canada
USA  2004  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) White Paper: Protecting and Advancing Consumer Health and Safety
USA  2003   HIMSS Patient Safety Survey 2003
USA  2003  Patient Safety: Achieving a New Standard for Care
Australia  2003  Patient Safety: Towards Sustainable Improvement
Canada  2002  Patient Safety and Healthcare Error in the Canadian Healthcare System  [en français  La sécurité des patients et les erreurs médicales dans le système de santé canadien]
Canada  2002   Governments and Patient Safety in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States A Review of Policies, Institutional and Funding Frameworks, and Current Initiatives   [en français Les gouvernements et la sécurité du patient en Australie, au Royaume-Uni et aux États-Unis Examen des politiques, des cadres institutionnels et de financement et des initiatives en cours]
USA  2002   A Technological Approach to Enhancing Patient Safety. White paper released by The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and sponsored by Eclipsys Corporations
UK  2001   A Spoonful of Sugar - Medicines Management in NHS Hospitals
Australia  2001   Safety in Practice: Making Health Care Safer
Switzerland  2001   Towards A Safe Healthcare System Proposal For A National Programme On Patient Safety Improvement For Switzerland  [Auf Deutsch Für Ein Sicheres Gesundheitssystem]  [en français Renforcer la securite du systeme de soins de santé]
UK  2001   Building a safer NHS for patients: implementing an organisation with a memory
UK  2000   An organisation with a memory. Report of an expert group on learning from adverse events in the NHS
USA  1999   To Err Is Human: Building a Safer Health System
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