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Public reports and policy documents commissioned and/or published by government bodies, national and regional health organisations etc. on topics with implications for the field of clinical knowledge management technologies and applications. Topic areas include patient safety, quality of care, e-health, decision support and medical terminologies. Click on highlighted links below for more details.
Public policy reports determining national and regional strategies

Patient safety and medical error, in particular, have become very high priority areas for many healthcare systems worldwide. A major impetus for this was the publication in 1999 of "To Err is Human" (USA) which reported that between 44,000 and 98,000 people lose their lives annually as a result of errors that occur in hospitals. This clearly held medical error as one of the largest causes of death in the USA and has had a significant effect on policy directions in many countries.


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  Healthcare systems

  Patient safety

  Quality of care

  Ethical and Legal issues

  eHealth (general)

  eHealth (national and regional strategies)


  Decision Support

  Medical terminologies

  Electronic Medical Record

  Open Source

  Interoperability and connectivity

  Review and progress reports from national and international agencies and organisations

Note that some reports will cross different topic areas e.g. e-Health/interoperability/standards.

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