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USA  HealthFrame™
Personal Health Record
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HealthFrame ("Family Edition") is a comprehensive personal health and wellness management system. A 15-day demonstration/evaluation copy is available for download. HealthFrame allows users to track their medical records, medical expenses and documentation. Additionally, HealthFrame synchronizes with mobile devices such as USB flash keys and iPods. HealthFrame can be used to generate emergency cards, reports, charts and access e-Health services.

HealthFrame can also act as "a decision support tool that leverages knowledge of an individualís entire health information to deliver relevant decision making information".

Records For Living, Inc. also provides the HealthFrame Viewer, a freely distributable downloadable tool that allows viewing access to medical records stored in the ASTM CCR (Continuity of Care Record) international clinical record standard.

The first version of HealthFrame was released in April 2005. V2.0 was released in May 2006 and v2.1 in October 2006

developed by Records For Living, Inc., Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA.

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Simone L. Pringle, Records For Living, Inc.
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