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USA  HealthFrame Viewer
Tool for browsing EMR data stored in ASTM CCR format
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The HealthFrame Viewer is a freely distributable downloadable tool that allows viewing access to medical records stored in the ASTM CCR (Continuity of Care Record) international clinical record standard.

The HealthFrame Viewer forms part of the HealthFrame Lite Edition, a free download from Records For Living, Inc. The HealthFrame Personal Health Record ("Family Edition") is a commercial, downloadable product also available as a time-limited demonstration (see links below).

developed by Records For Living, Inc., Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA

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commissioned November 2006
links  bullet  HealthFrame Viewer  bullet  Records For Living, Inc.  bullet  ASTM Continuity of Care Record standard [OC]  bullet  HealthFrame PHR [OC]


Simone L. Pringle, Records For Living, Inc.
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