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developed by The Tolven Institute in collaboration with Open Source developers around the world. Tolven is a Californian based corporation founded as Tolven Incorporated in February 2006.
released June 2006

Current software is undergoing clinical evaluation. Production versions of Tolven software are scheduled for deployment at pilot sites in the first quarter of 2007.

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The following can be downloaded:

  • The Tolven informatics platform and Personal Health Record (ePHR) and electronic Clinician Health Record (eCHR) applications - for evaluation or deployment.

  • The source code - for technical evaluation and use in the development of complementary applications (e.g., PACS, prescribing, analytics and scheduling).

Tolven software is distributed freely to the open source community under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).


The Tolven open source project is developing:

  • An open source standards-based healthcare interoperability platform (Tolven platform)
  • An electronic Personal Health Record - built on the Tolven platform for use by consumers and patients as a portal for accessing personal healthcare information
  • An electronic Clinician Health Record - built on the Tolven platform for use by providers and other healthcare personnel as a portal for accessing patient healthcare information. 

The Tolven Institute has adopted an open source and open standards model to facilitate rapid collaborations with other open source developers and accelerate the integration of healthcare applications available in the marketplace. Standards used (in data modelling) include the HL7 Reference Information Model, the Continuity of Care Record and the Clinical Trials Object Model. These enable Tolven-based applications to facilitate the seamless exchange of clinical, administrative, research and public health data among users and support the driving principle behind the design for Tolven software: semantic interoperability. 

WikiHIT Technical support for Tolven solutions is available from Tolven itself and various forums including Sourceforge. Tolven sponsors WikiHIT, a "a collaborative forum for advancing Healthcare Information Technology", that was launched in December 2006.


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Neil Cowles, Chief Executive Officer, Tolven Inc.
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