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GB  Snofyre

Open Source, service-oriented API for creating SNOMED CT-enabled applications in Java

keywords clinical domains
SNOMED CT, biomedical ontologies, clinical terminologies, interoperability, analysis, Java, MySQL, NLP, OWL, RDF, semantic web, snofyre not applicable
developed by Jay Kola
released 2011 (latest version)
status Available for download and use but note that:
  • "Snofyre (and its underlying components) do not come with any warrantly whatsoever"
  • "Snofyre is a prototype implementation and not a reference implementation".
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"Snofyre (SNOMED CT Framework for querY & REtrieval) is an Open Source, service-oriented API for creating SNOMED CT-enabled applications in Java. It provides a number of SNOMED CT-related services out of the box."

"These services can be used as a starter for understanding how to add SNOMED CT functionality to an application or to rapidly prototype a SNOMED CT enabled application. Snofyre API aims to reduce the 'ramp up' time needed to understand and embed SNOMED CT functionality in an application."

"Snofyre is a by-product of work carried out with NHS Connecting for Health, under the banner of SNOMED CT Reporting project. Snofyre was envisioned to be prototype application for demonstrating querying of pre- and post-coordinated SNOMED CT encoded data. For this reason, the default user interface of Snofyre is geared towards the authoring and execution of plausible clinical queries. Given the underlying modular design, this is a 'thin user interface layer' built on top of Snofyre' underlying SNOMED CT services. This makes it easy for you to create a user interface (UI) using your favourite UI technology as long as it can connect to Snofyre's Java based services." [Snofyre]


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