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Journals: Artifical Intelligence in Medicine, e-Health, Medical Informatics and related areas
Methods of Information in Medicine
"The official journal of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA)."

"Methods of Information in Medicine discusses the basic methodology and scientific fundamentals of processing data, information and knowledge in medicine and health care. "

Areas of interest include:

  • Health information systems and patient records;
  • diagnosis and therapy in health care;
  • biomedical data, signal and image interpretation;
  • clinical bioinformatics;
  • clinical data analysis and statistical studies;
  • knowledge processing;
  • expert systems and knowledge representation;
  • simulation and modeling
  • diagnosis and therapy in medicine and health care
  • documentation and data processing
  • information and communication systems.
founded 1962
publisher Schattauer
publishing schedule Bi-monthly
online archive Starts Jan. 1999
open access Tables of Contents (from 1999); abstracts may be available.
restricted access Online access available to all print subscribers.
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