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Over the ten years in which the OpenClinical information service has been operational we have created and maintained a unique body of resources on advanced knowledge management methods, technologies and applications for healthcare (some 600 topics) and fostered a user base of 300,000 visitors per annum. But in recent years we have found the maintenance of the site increasingly difficult and we have therefore decided to restructure and relaunch OpenClinical in a more maintainable form, taking account of recent developments in the field. So please keep OpenClinical bookmarked, and look out for upcoming announcements.

About OpenClinical

still from scenario video The site is aimed at technologists, clinicians, researchers, healthcare providers, commercial product suppliers and all other people who wish to find out more about this field.


We aim to build a community of users, researchers and suppliers, and to publicise and disseminate development tools and techniques for building healthcare applications that comply with the highest possible quality, safety and ethical standards. Anyone can access OpenClinical's resources and register as members at no charge. Registered members are automatically updated with new information reflecting their interests.


From the Editor

Registered members and site visitors can help us cover topics more accurately and comprehensively by submitting relevant information for publication.


We encourage visitors with an interest in the areas covered by OpenClinical to support us by registering with us.


New pages are published each month and announced to registered members by newsletter. Many other site pages are updated and/or modified on a regular basis. These changes, unless significant, are not announced on this page or in the newsletter.


The bigger the site becomes, the more difficult it is to maintain. Links inevitably break. We are grateful to all those members and visitors who help us try to keep OpenClinical up to date - and who provide us with new material for publication. Contributors to OpenClinical are individually acknowledged in the Community zone of the site.


We acknowledge that most of the content of the site is in English and covers to a large extent developments in the English-speaking world - the USA in particular is strong in the areas we cover. I must stress however that we are interested in publishing relevant information from all parts of the world and in publishing material in other languages: you are welcome to contribute.


Richard Thomson
Editor, OpenClinical


On ...

The core content of the site is arranged under five main zones to reflect the interests of our target consituencies:

spacerspacerBackground (for all constituencies): the technical, clinical and political contexts to the field of clinical knowledge management technologies and applications.

spacerspacerResearch: current developments and issues.

spacerspacerClinical knowledge managemement applications, demonstrations and videos illustrating their use in clinical contexts; extensive archive of Artificial Intelligence systems used in clinical practice.

spacerspacerCommercial suppliers of clinical knowledge management applications and technologies.

spacerspacerPublic e-Health applications on the WWW for the public.


Benefits of registration
spacerspacerAutomatic notification about new OpenClinical activities and services

spacerspacerTargeted updates on new material in your areas of interest

spacerspacerEntitlement to publicise your work on a high impact site.


Benefits of publishing on OpenClinical

spacerspacerA leading site for information on advanced technologies for knowledge management in healthcare

spacerspacerGlobal user base

spacerspacerFast track publishing for your contributions.


Registered members of OpenClinical are very welcome to submit relevant new material, updates and amendments to


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13 September 2011
Computer-based guideline developments
Panel report: Sharing guideline knowledge: can the dream come true? (Medinfo, 2010)
Open Source downloads
GB Snofyre: Open Source, service-oriented API for creating SNOMED CT-enabled applications in Java Philippines CHITS (Community Health Information Tracking System) Open Source electronic health record system for health centers in the Philippines
Public Reports
EU  European countries on their journey towards national eHealth infrastructures - evidence on progress and recommendations for cooperative actions - Final European progress report, EU, 2011 EU  e-Quality in e-Health - Stakeholders' reflections on addressing e-health challenges at the European level. Health First Europe, 2011.
GB   Ganfyd: Collaboratively-developed medical textbook
Expanded listings of commercial suppliers (covering USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australasia) of clinical knowledge management and e-Health products


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