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The demonstrator applications accessible from this site are designed for demonstration purposes only. They have not been validated for clinical use and must not be used for real patient encounters.

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EU  Clinergy
Structured data entry system built on top of a GALEN terminology server
keywords clinical domains
Clinical coding and classification, medical terminologies, terminology server, data entry system multiple
developed by The GALEN programme; PEN&PAD project, Medical Informatics Group, Manchester University
status Demonstrator
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Note: designed for demonstration purposes only.

Clinergy forms part of the wide range of medical terminology models, methods, architectures and tools developed by GALEN and successor pojects.

Clinergy "is a commercial strength structured data entry system, built on top of a live GALEN terminology server delivering an adaptation of a GALEN Common Reference Model. It is intended for use by primary care physicians, and is available as a software component which can be grafted onto a number of clinical systems available in the UK. Other functions such as appointments, lab results or prescribing would be provided by the host system."


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Pieter Zanstra, Radboud University Nijmegen
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