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The demonstrator applications accessible from this site are designed for demonstration purposes only. They have not been validated for clinical use and must not be used for real patient encounters.

Demonstrations of clinical applications

USA  CCR Generator Tool
Continuity of Care Record (CCR) Generator Tool
keywords clinical domains
Continuity of Care Record, CCR, CCR tool, patient data, patient care record summary standard, XML, WWW N/A
developed by Solventus LLC. in association with the American Academy of Family Physicians.
status Available for trial use.
access  bullet  CCR Generator Tool

Note: designed for demonstration purposes only.
Tool to create or Edit a CCR file.

The demonstration allows the user to "manipulate the various components of a CCR, view the XML source code as well as display the data in easy-to-read HTML formatting in a web browser, and save any changes [made] to the file [on to a] hard drive".

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Solventus LLC
625 Oaks Dr.
Suite 305
Pompano Beach FL 33069 USA

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