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OpenClinical aims to build a community of people from the technical, clinical and commercial fields with common interests in clinical knowledge management methods, tools, technologies and applications.
If you are interested in the areas we cover and support our aims, we encourage you to register with us. See our privacy policy for assurance that we will only use your email details to circulate information on OpenClinical. We never pass on personal data to other organisations.

The core content of the site is arranged under five main zones to reflect the interests of our target consituencies:

The technical, clinical and political context to the field of clinical knowledge management technologies and applications.
Current developments and relevant issues.
Knowledge managemement applications, demonstrations and videos illustrating their use in clinical contexts; extensive archive of Artificial Intelligence systems used in clinical practice.
Suppliers of clinical knowledge management applications and technologies.
Examples of e-Health applications and demonstrators for the public available over the WWW. (Public zone introduced November 2005.)


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OpenClinical are available for each zone. **

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Last main update: 28 November 2005
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