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The Clinical zone currently focuses on computerised applications (particularly decisions support systems) and technologies for healthcare.
The area comprises:
  • A substantial directory of past and current artificial intelligence systems used in clinical practice;
  • Descriptions of clinical applications designed for clinical use and available on the WWW ;
  • Descriptions of commercial and non-commercial clinical demonstrator applications;
  • A set of use scenarios - videos illustrating the use of computer decision support applications in clinical practice.
  Artificial Intelligence systems in clinical practice
An extensive archive of AI systems (past and present) used in clinical practice. The archive was originally developed and administered by Enrico Coiera, University of New South Wales, Australia. Used with permission. Maintained and extended by OpenClinical since 2002.


  • Acute care systems
  • Decision support systems
  • Educational systems
  • Laboratory systems
  • Medical Imaging
  • Quality assurance and administration
Knowledge management and decision support applications available on the WWW for clinical use by Health Professionals.


  • Clinical knowledge management and decision support applications. The category includes clinical calculators.
  • Guideline applications for handheld computers
  • Systems and infrastructures
  • Instruments, methods supporting the use of clinical applications

Note that many of the applications included on OpenClinical are designed for use by health professionals. Use of them must comply with the conditions defined by the system originators and/or distributors.



  • Clinical demonstrator applications
  • Healthcare infrastructures and infrastructure components

Note that the clinical demonstrator applications accessible from this site are for demonstration purposes only and are not designed for use in real patient encounters.

  Use Scenarios
still from scenario video


Videos illustrating use of knowledge management applications in encounters between health professionals and patients. These have been developed by the Advanced Computation Laboratory of Cancer Research UK, London.

The videos play in MS Windows Media Player

spacerspacerERA: Early referrals in cancer care
spacerspacerRAGs: Genetic risk management
spacerspacerREACT: Risk management and treatment planning



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