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The Background zone aims to provide information on the clinical and technical context to the field of computer-based clinical knowledge management and decision support. We also cover the political context: public strategy reports and national strategies and reports related to the use of information and communication technologies on healthcare, and particularly recent mainly governement-initiated moves in many countries to implement computerised health information infrastructures.
  The knowledge Management and Healthcare context
  Knowledge management   Evidence-based Medicine   e-Health   Clinical Practice Guidelines   Clinical Pathways   Glossary   Links
  The Health Informatics, AI in Medicine context
  Health Informatics   Interoperability   Electronic medical records   Personal Health Records   CPOE   e-prescribing   Medical terminologies: introduction   Open Source   Ontologies   Agents   Argumentation   Description Logics   Information Visualization   Information Retrieval   Artificial Intelligence in Medicine   Decision Support Systems   DSS: Success factors   DSS: Evaluation   DSS: Evaluation studies   DSS: Reviews of evaluation studies   Neural Networks
  Topic areas   Briefing Papers

An occasional series of briefing and discussion documents on strategies, methods, technologies and products to support medical knowledge management:

  • Ethical considerations for the development of Decision Support Systems by Alan J Green

  • Care Pathways by Tim Benson

  • From an Information Poor to an Information Rich Health Environment: A Research Strategy in Health Informatics by Alan Rector

  • Automated Support to Clinical Guidelines and Care Plans: the Intention-Oriented View by Yuval Shahar

  • Careflow Management Systems by Mario Stefanelli
  •   External White Papers

    Information on White Papers focused on IT in healthcare

      Healthcare Industry White Papers

    Information on Healthcare Industry White Papers and Special Reports focused on IT in healthcare

      Healthcare Industry Briefing Papers

    Information on Healthcare Industry Briefing Papers focused on IT in healthcare

      Health information technology adoption, programmes and plans

    Planned global coverage of health information technology deployment and national and regional HIT implementation programmes and plans

      Public reports

    Reports and policy documents commissioned and/or published by government bodies, national and regional health organisations etc. on topics with implications for the field of clinical knowledge management technologies and applications. Topics include patient safety, quality of care, e-health, decision support and medical terminologies.


    Medical Informatics standards designed to support the implementation of interoperable health information systems.

      Standards Development Organisations

    Details on national and international standards development organisations.

      Standards Promotion Organizations

    Details on national and international standards promotion organisations.

      Medical terminologies: in detail

    Details on individual medical terminologies, vocabularies, nomenclatures, coding and classification systems.

      Medical IT News

    Links to medical IT news & discussion sites and blogs.


    Details on journals covering Artifical Intelligence in Medicine, e-Health, Medical Informatics and relevant related areas.

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