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Canada  Breast cancer risk assessment tool (
Interactive tool to assess breast cancer risk in patients
keywords clinical domains
Evidence-based medicine, clinical guidelines, decision support, risk assessment, clinical calculators Breast cancer
developed by - Steven B. Halls, MD, FRCPC.
commissioned 2003
status Available for use.

NB Disclaimer: " This calculator uses the Gail model (named after Dr. Mitchell H. Gail), and is a slightly less-than-perfect emulation of the NCI's Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool, but with the benefit of additional risk modifier questions added. Although this calculator is based on published risk statistics and methods gathered from peer-reviewed journals, this web page's specific methods and results have not been peer-reviewed. So, you should not use the results for medical decisions. The results are estimates."

Dr. Halls also makes the following important comment: "Because this calculator includes extra risk modifiers and correction factors that were not originally part of [Gail] model 1 or [NSABP] model 2, it is not possible to demonstrate that the results are accurate from published population-based studies. Therefore, please consider these results to be an estimate."

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" The detailed breast cancer risk calculator offers a choice of two calculation methods, called 'Gail model 1' and 'NSABP model 2' (National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project)."

The "summary relative risk" is calculated on the basis of responses to six questions: number of sisters, daughters or mother who had breast cancer; number of benign breast biopsies; age at first menstrual cycle; age when first gave birth; current age; race.

Six optional extra relative risk factors may then also be taken into account in the risk calculation: " mammographic density, age-specific tamoxifen effect, dose-specific alcohol effect, age-specific correction factors to adjust for Black race, presence of LCIS on a biopsy, and oral contraceptives effects".

A considerable amount of background and technical information on the tool, including references, is provided on the site.


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contact Steven B. Halls Professional Corporation
34 Chapman Road S.E.
T2X 3R1

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