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UK  Ganfyd
Wiki-based textbook of medicine
keywords clinical domains
medical knowledge base, medical wiki, medical textbook, collaborative wiki, medical wiki community, free, . multiple
developed by Collaborative wike community. Started in the UK and now involves medical practitioners from other English-speaking countries.
commissioned 2005-6
status Available for use. Under development.
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Ganfyd is a wiki-based textbook of medicine.

"Ganfyd was initiated by a group of doctors and medical students who use to contribute their knowledge and experience to the commonwealth."

"Only registered medical practitioners or persons working under their direction, and a small number of invited non-medical specialists, may edit Ganfyd articles, and its license specifically prohibits editing by people who are not registered medical practitioners. The intention is to make the articles reliable enough for professional medical use. An audit trail is publicly available for each article."

"By October 2010 there were over 2000 page hits a day and it had reached 7,000 topic pages with over double that number of pages including stubs and redirects and 449 editors from six countries.""


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