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Leeds University, St. James University Hospital, Leeds Post-Operative care Decision support syste, expert system
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St. James University Hospital, Leeds, UK 1992 Decommissioned
Post-operative care can present considerable problems to medical staff who are relatively inexperienced. Deciding when to take a specific action based on monitoring signs and other available data, or distinguishing between major or minor changes of the monitoring signs and diagnostic expectations, are complex tasks. They are especially difficult when senior medical support is not readily available. During the last two years a collaborative expert system (POEMS: Post- Operative Expert Medical System), has been developed to give advisory and decision support to less experienced staff. POEMS interactively receives data obtained from the patients based on the standard strategy used by the medical staff: Past medical history, Operative history, History, Examination, and Investigative tests. From this data, POEMS presents an ordered list of very-likely, likely, possible and not-likely candidate diagnoses and can answer questions on how the diagnosis was reached, what treatment would be most suitable, and what further investigative action could be taken to focus on a particular diagnostic candidate. POEMS employs a temporal modeller to reason over real time which is very useful for on-ward decision support and advice. POEMS learns diagnostic knowledge from the patient cases presented to it for diagnosis. It employs a learning apprentice system to evaluate and learn from the patient cases, the diagnosis reached at by POEMS, and the confirmation or rejection advice provided by an expert.

"The development of a collaborative Post-Operative Expert Medical System (POEMS) with senior surgeons for supporting post-operative care. This work is currently being adapted and extended for use within Obstetrics and Gynaecology. The development of simulations for the of complex physiological process and their integration with World Wide Web materials for self-directed learning in Medicine. The use of multimedia and hypermedia for educating various levels of users in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology" [Yorkshire Institute for Clinical and Health Informatics].

M. J. Sawar, T. G. Brennan, A. J. Cole and J. Stewart "POEMS (PostOperative Expert Medical System)" in Proceedings of IJCAI91 one Day Workshop: "Representing Knowledge in Medical Decision Support Systems", Sydney, Australia, Aug. 1991. " "

M. J.Sawar, T. G. Brennan, A. J. Cole and J. Stewart "An Expert System for PostOperative Care (POEMS)", in Proceedings of MEDINFO-92, Geneva, Switzerland, Sept. 1992. " "

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