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Medical Imaging Systems
Radiology expert system to support radiologic procedure selection

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University of Chicago; Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Radiology Expert systems, case-based reasoning
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University of Chicago 1991 Decommissioned (out-of-date knowledge base). Superseded by ISIS system
The PHOENIX Radiology Consultant was developed to help referring physicians select the most appropriate radiologic procedures. The system saw quite frequent use during a two-year clinical trial, and appeared to help improve the process of selecting imaging procedures. The system was taken off-line because some of the knowledge has become out-of-date. PHOENIX is to be superseded by a system called ISIS (Intelligent Selection of Imaging Studies), developed at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI. ISIS uses case-based reasoning to help primary-care physicians select imaging procedures.

Kahn CE Jr. Validation, clinical trial and evaluation of a radiology expert system. Methods of Information in Medicine 1991; 30:268-274. " "

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