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Pathology Expert Interpretative Reporting System
System for interpreting chemical pathology reports

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Dept. of Medical Computer Science, University of Vienna Pathology Expert systems, Ripple Down Rules, knowledge acquisition, knowledge maintenance
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Department of Chemical Pathology, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney May 1991 Decommissioned 1994 when a new hospital information system was installed.
PEIRS appends interpretative comments to pathology reports. The knowledge aqusition strategy is the Ripple Down Rules method, which has allowed a pathologist to build over 2300 rules without knowledge engineering or programming support. New rules are added in minutes, and maintenance tasks are a trivial extension to the pathologist's routine duties. PEIRS commented on about 100 reports/day. Domains covered include thyroid function tests, arterial blood gases, glucose tolerance tests, hCG, catecholamines and a range of other hormones.

Edwards G, Compton P, Malor R, Srinivasan A, Lazarus L. PEIRS: a pathologist maintained expert system for the interpretation of chemical pathology reports. Pathology 1993;25:27-34 " "
Compton P, Edwards G, Srinivasan A, Malor R, Preston P, Kang B, Lazarus, L. Ripple down rules: turning knowledge acquisition into knowledge maintenance. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 1992;4(6):463-475 " "
Compton P. A philosophical basis for knowledge acquisition. Knowledge Acquisition 1990;2:241-257. " "

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Department of Chemical Pathology
St Vincent's Hospital
New South Wales

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