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AI systems in clinical practice


Directory of past and current Artificial Intelligence computer systems used in clinical practice: Laboratory Systems

Acknowledgement System summaries by category
This archive was originally developed and administered by Enrico Coiera, University of New South Wales. Used with permission. Now maintained and updated by OpenClinical.  bullet  Acute care systems  bullet  Decision support systems  bullet  Educational systems  bullet  Laboratory systems  bullet  Medical Imaging  bullet  Quality assurance and administration

name Type Commiss'd status
Laboratory Systems
Becton Dickinson Systems Haematology, microbiology 1990s routine use
Coulter® FACULTY™ Haematology 1995  
DoseChecker Drug dose checker 1994 routine use
GermAlert Infection control 1993 In use
GermWatcher Infection Control surveillance 1993 routine use
Hepaxpert I, II, III Hepatitis serology 1989 In use
Interpretation of acid-base disorders acid-base disorders 1989  
Liporap Dyslipoproteinaemia phenotyping 1987  
Microbiology/ Pharmacy Expert System Drug sensitivity 1991  
PEIRS Pathology reports 1991 decommissioned
PharmADE Pharmacy expert system for monitoring Adverse Drug Events 1996 In use
Pro M.D. Diagnostic expert system shell for clinical chemistry test result interpretation 1986 Replaced by j.MD (Java-Medical Diagnostics Expert System Shell) in 2000 approx.
PUFF Pulmonary function tests 1979 Applications still in use can trace ancestory back to PUFF.
SahmAlert Drug sensitivity 1995  

This archive of AI systems in clinical practice was initiated and administered by Enrico Coiera in the 1990s. His original work is used with permission. Since 2002, the archive has been maintained and extended by OpenClinical.
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