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OpenClinical has been created to:

bullet   Promote decision support, clinical workflow and other knowledge management technologies in patient care and clinical research;

bullet   Disseminate methods and tools for building healthcare knowledge applications that comply with the highest quality, safety and ethical standards;

bullet   Build a community of individuals, organisations and commercial companies who believe in the value of knowledge management, and who wish to contribute to the definition and adoption of open technical standards for medical applications.
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OpenClinical White Paper

The OpenClinical Web site is aimed in particular at healthcare professionals and managers, medical informaticians and computer scientists and industry. It is designed to be a "one-stop shop" for anyone interested in learning about and tracking developments on advanced knowledge management technologies for healthcare such as point-of-care decision support systems, "intelligent" guidelines and clinical workflow.



OpenClinical is a not-for-profit organisation created and maintained as a public service with support from Cancer Research UK under the overall supervision of an international technical advisory board.



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